About Us

Playing games, watching gameplays of games we can’t install, watching livestream of games we can’t play that excellently and scrolling through reddit & steam forum to find solution of a bug in our game that no one seems to have is a lifestyle every gamer is living on day to day basis.

There are tons of information available about trending games but what about those which we personally like but the gaming community doesn’t seems to play? I am sure each one of you have at least one such game. Trying to troubleshoot issues about those games or trying to get detail about one such game to buy or rent is hard. No proper information is available on the internet or at least not enough to give us confidence.

That’s why I have launched Tong Games to address this issue with less popular or forgotten games. Tong Games is made to provide solution to those gaming problems that you aren’t able to get answer of from the internet. We want to be your go to in finding solution, reading guide, tips & advices on underserved games and we have desire to be the best in it.

Along with underserved games, we will also provide tutorial on solving unpopular issue with your popular games. So, no matter how many gaming blogs or subreddit you follow, I can already tell Tong Game is going to be more and more important for you as we keep adding more articles to our blog. So, bookmark our website and make a habit to visit it daily, you’ll be surprised to find so many cool articles about your favorite games here.