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By | August 26, 2022

Dec 2011.

It was the fourth times in the year I had been to Royal Palace and Silvery Pagoda. The year 2011 was the amazing twelvemonth for me as I could make a record for myself that I returned to the same place 4 times in a year. And I wish I could accept it once again every yr, but unfortunately until now I could return to Cambodia only in one case a yr and had skipped a couple of times…

Only honestly I’d never got bored in Royal Palace and Argent Pagoda. Perhaps because of its tranquility and wonderful view as it’due south mixed the traditional buildings and the beautiful garden.

1 of those beautiful sights in the courtyard of Silvery Pagoda was the stupa of Kantha Bopha. Congenital among the stupas of Cambodian Kings and the Imperial Families, the stupa of Princess Kantha Boppha is located in the south direction of Phnom Mondul, a man-made hill as representation of the sacred of Mt. Meru, a mystic mountain that was believed as the center of the globe (and some other people believed that Phnom Mondul was a symbol of Phnom Kailash where the Buddha left his footprints on the rock)

The Stupa of Kantha Bopha, 2011

The cute Stupa of Kantha Bopha, -which its pattern is base of operations on the cute ancient Banteay Srei temple in Siem Reap-, might be as a reminder how sweet and ambrosial her life once, which had given and so much cheer and joy to her father, female parent and all beloved ones.

Norodom Kantha Boppha was the beloved girl of the late Male monarch Norodom Sihanouk and Princess Sisowath Pongsanmoni. She was born in August 16, 1948 when Sihanouk was a young Rex and Cambodia nevertheless under French colonial rule. Princess Norodom Kantha Boppha died of leukemia (some said, of dengue fever) in 1952 at the age 4. Her death, -just several months before the nativity of Norodom Sihamoni, the current Rex of Cambodia-, brought deep loss and grief to her father which was said that the young male monarch always carried the gilded urn contained her ashes when travelling abroad. This was an expression of the Rex that he did non want to be far from his daughter, even-though she had already departed.

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It’s His Majesty The King Sihanouk, in 1960 erected a resting place for his girl’s ashes that stored in a golden urn equally memorial sanctuary to the Princess Kantha Boppha on the courtyard of Wat Preah Keo Morokat, the formal proper name of ‘Silver Pagoda’ adjacent to the Royal Palace.

Although Princess Kantha Boppha was died, King Sihanouk, -as a father-, in the year of 1963 built a children hospital with the same name in the capital letter city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. Past building this, Kantha Boppha was returned to live to help the sick Cambodian children.

Unfortunately during Khmer Rough this hospital was destroyed and the government of Kingdom of cambodia had planned to rebuilt the hospital in 1991. The King approached Dr. Beat Richner, a pediatrician from Zurich who had been assigned to the hospital in 1974 – 1975 by the Swiss Red Cross simply before the Khmer Rouge era to accept accuse of the Kantha Bopha rebuilding projection. He accepted it and started to set up the foundation to manage the operations of the hospital which provides health services for poor Cambodian children

for free

The name of Kantha Boppha and Dr. Crush Richner, -died on September nine, 2022-, could not be separated. After being cremated, his ashes were flown back to Cambodia and stored in a stupa, -as a wonderful commemoration-, in the courtyard of Kantha Boppha Siem Reap, Jayavarman VII Hospital. Equally a cellist, Physician Richner ofttimes entertained his patients past playing the cello in the hall of Kantha Bopha Hospital but in the same time really they arrange a clemency concert to raise funds for the operations of the hospital.

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At that place are now five Kantha Bopha children’s hospitals in Cambodia, which take care of more than half of the nation’south ill children,
free of charge.

Baronial 2015

I was standing in front of the Stupa of Kantha Boppha. Information technology was a little bit different, merely still beautiful with the traditional Banteay Srei’s way.

A beautiful contend was congenital around it, limiting the mutual people to access. It has an intricate iron carvings door on top in each management. Beautiful flowers and decorative plants in some pots were arranged in its corner in certain levels. There’s a small gilded royal umbrella on top of the striking spire equally a mark that it’southward a special Majestic Stupa.

Indeed, -besides the Kantha Bopha’s-, the royal urn containing the late Male monarch Norodom Sihanouk’s remains was too kept in the aforementioned stupa. Seeing this, -and thinking how the King Male parent loved her daughter-, this stupa made a very touching last resting place for the late Rex Father. Equally he e’er carried the urn contained his daughter’s ashes when travelling abroad, I saw in front of me, their remains were kept in the same beautiful building. They’re ever being together, fifty-fifty death cannot separate them.

I saw likewise a chrome railing was installed in the north stairs. It’s another marking that only very limited people can admission to the top. Current Male monarch, His Majesty Norodom Sihamoni and The Queen Mother, Her Majesty Monineath Sihanouk are those who have the very limited access.

Continuing at the human foot of the stupa, I gave my respect to the one who had brought independence to Cambodia. He was the father of the nation and a begetter to his own daughter, the daughter whose proper name now ways helping the health of lots of poor Cambodian people.

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The Stupa of Kantha Bopha and Norodom Sihanouk, 2015

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