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By | November 19, 2022

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“Keeping a record of the information and storing it is necessary for both compliance and accountability. But, taking notes at a meeting not only distracts you from the conversation going on around you, but it may also be considered impolite by some.

The meeting transcription services offered by With Words guarantee that every word spoken in your meetings will be recorded in the manner that you want.

The transcription is created in the same language as the recording and maintains accuracy with regard to the speech and sound events.”

Meeting Minutes Transcription Services – The function of information in today’s society is crucial, particularly with regard to the process of decision making.

An institution that regularly convenes board meetings at which the members of a board of directors can meet, discuss, and make decisions concerning the future of the company, need an accurate information of the meeting to make a decision such as the company’s financial performance, growth strategies, current operations, future requirements, and other underlying issues.

When it comes to accomplishing goals and operating at optimum efficiency, the use of transcription services during board meetings is crucial and vital. It is of the utmost importance to document every single word that is communicated.

What exactly is a transcription, though?

Transcription is the transformation of recorded audio into text is what we mean when we talk about stenography. A transcriber is someone who can take an audio recording or the audio track of a video and transcribe it into a text document using the format of the recording.

The transcription is created in the same language as the recording and maintains accuracy with regard to the speech and sound events that were captured. We do not summarize, paraphrase, or edit any grammar faults that the speakers make; however, we do remove stutters and false starts (unless when doing a full verbatim transcription).

The speech-to-text technology used for audio dictation has made significant strides in recent years; yet, the challenge of accurately transcribing meetings and phone calls remains substantially more difficult than that of dictating a blog post.

Why is it necessary for you to have transcribing at your company?

The following are some examples of firm divisions, along with the reasons why they require Meeting Minutes Transcription Services:

  1.  Board Meeting

    Every important decision is taken at a board meeting. In a smaller company, the board of directors may only meet four times per year, or possibly only once. Larger firms, on the other hand, are more likely to convene the board of directors at least once every month, or whenever there is a need for the discussion of policy or the resolution of difficulties. It is essential, however, that precise recordings of the proceedings of board meetings be kept, and this is true regardless of how frequently the meetings themselves are held.

    The corporation receives its direction as well as recommendations from its board of directors. It is their obligation to make sure that the firm lives according to its mission statement, and in the process of doing so, it will typically determine the overarching policy objectives for the organization.

    The following are some of the reasons why it is important to transcribe in board meetings:
    – The need for complete transcriptions of the whole meeting.
    – If tough choices are being taken, it will be beneficial to retain a full record of what was said in case there is a future disagreement.
    – The fact that the board meeting is being recorded ensures that those in attendance do not stray off subject and that the gathering does not degenerate into a screaming battle.
    – When there is a significant number of individuals present, recording the meeting and then having it transcribed afterward will ensure that nothing of significance is missed.

    When there is a lot of unnecessary background noise at board meetings, it might be difficult to transcribe the minutes of those sessions. If you want to try to make sense of what has been stated, contact Transcription services rather than hiring a person who works for your company.

  2. Meeting transcription for Sales

    You will see a consistent pattern as you investigate the many technologies available on the market for meeting transcribing. The sales industry is the one that makes the most use of applications like this.
    During sales meetings, salespeople are notoriously unreliable in terms of their note-taking abilities due to their hectic schedules and constant movement.

    There is a valid justification for a person’s reluctance to take notes: in sales, the quality of your relationship with the potential customer is more important than anything else. You need to be able to carry on a conversation with ease while also having outstanding listening skills. Taking notes at a meeting not only distracts you from the conversation going on around you, but it may also be considered impolite.

    Advantages of having sales conversations transcription include the following:
    Obtaining meeting notes in situations in which you would not have any otherwise
    – Make data entry in CRM more automated
    – Assist in the onboarding of new representatives by providing them with genuine meeting scripts
    – Obtain and save the comments from the customers.

  3. Transcription of customer meetings and interviews

    During contacts with customers, customer success professionals are required to multitask in a manner that is analogous to that of sales representatives. Account managers and customer success reps get rewards that are comparable to those enjoyed by sales representatives.
    In many cases, product managers who are doing consumer research might also benefit from having these calls transcribed.

    Understanding the complexities of a customer’s problem is a labor-intensive process, and having a person’s literal words written down in your meeting notes may be of great assistance in this quest.

    The following are some of the reasons why client calls need to be meeting transcription:
    To free your attention to focus on the client, have an AI record meeting minute.
    – Help marketing understand the consumer voice and the language they use by collecting feedback from customers,
    – capturing input through customer interviews,
    – and collecting feedback directly from customers.

  4. Meeting transcription for Recruiting

    There are two ways that meeting transcription software might be put to use in the recruitment process. One reason for this is that recruiters are typically required to attend a great number of meetings. As they strive to fill several competing positions, they maintain constant interaction with a variety of individuals, and the talks they have tend to be repetitive.

    In the same way that salesmen have to pay attention intently during meetings, recruiters have to do the same thing. A good recruiter will pay additional attention to giving a positive impression because they already have a poor reputation for not caring about the candidates they are trying to place (only the commissions they will get if they are successful in filling the role), so this reputation must be overcome.

    Advantage of having interviews transcription:
    During interviews, maintain presence and put your attention solely on listening.
    – You should be able to recall certain information from a conversation.

  5. Transcription for Internal Meetings

    A transcription is not necessary for the majority of internal sessions. Teams that are well-organized arrive for internal meetings prepared with an agenda and with at least one person, if not many people, assisting to take notes on the meeting’s proceedings. The transcription of the meeting would just provide an excessive amount of additional material. However, for CEOs or in businesses with stringent legal obligations, transcribing may assist solve specific difficulties around capturing key discussions.

    Consider some of the following justifications for keeping a transcription of your company’s internal meetings:
    Document crucial talks
    – Keeping a record of the information and storing it is necessary for both compliance and accountability.

  6. Voice transcription uses outside of meetings

    There are a number of other considerations to take into account when deciding whether or not to transcribe recordings and phone conversations. In this post, we won’t devote a lot of attention to discussing them, but if you belong to any of the following categories, you could find the information presented here to be helpful nonetheless:
    Journalists who are interested in conducting interviews
    – Pastors and preachers who are interested in transcribing sermons
    – Material developers who are interested in creating written and video content together


How to Use the Meeting Minutes Transcription Services?

It just takes three simple steps to get practically any transcription service to transcribe your conference, and those are as follows:
– Make sure you have a recording of the meeting. The meeting transcription services offered by With Words guarantee that every word spoken in your meetings will be recorded in the manner that you want. You just need to record the meeting using your phone, dictaphone, or computer;
– Then go to the website of the transcription service you have chosen,
– Lastly, upload the recording from your recorder, and pick the format you want to use.


Meeting Minutes Transcription Services Platforms:

The following are the most highly recommended Meeting Minutes Transcription Services platforms, according to the rankings and reviews found on G2, Capterra, and in the media:

    Gong is a tool for sales-focused meeting transcribing that touts itself as a Revenue Intelligence platform.
    Gong’s AI examines the text of interactions spanning video chats, phone conversations, emails, and even messaging, employing powerful business intelligence algorithms to find trends and assist sales teams in closing more transactions.
    Gong promises insights based on facts, rather than depending on opinions about what is effective in your sales talks (not guesswork).

    Otter is a mobile app that not only allows users to take notes but also captures in-person meetings. Because you just need to have it on one device, it does not feel like it should achieve excellent results when there are a lot of people in the room. It is functional when accessed through the browser window on a desktop computer, as well as when accessed through an application on a mobile device (phone or tablet). In addition to that, it can synchronize your calendar with either the Google calendar or the Outlook calendar on your computer.

  3. []

    Chorus has a significant emphasis on sales applications and offers a platform called Discussion Intelligence. This platform helps quantify patterns such as feature requests and conversation themes. Chorus has nearly all of the same functions that Gong does, making the two instruments nearly interchangeable in terms of their capabilities.

  4. The animated short film

    Fireflies is a conversation monitoring tool that can automatically record, transcribe, and analyze phone conversations and meetings. In comparison to the other tools on this list, it is a more recent addition; yet, in recent times it has garnered a significant amount of attention. Although Fireflies does not link with WebEx or Microsoft Teams, an increasing number of teams are opting to meet online using Zoom or Google Meet instead. However, because to its interfaces with Slack, CRM, and Zapier, Fireflies makes it much simpler to import meeting transcript papers into the appropriate section of the platform where they should be.

Some of these applications do more than merely transcribe conference recordings, which is why they name themselves things like “conversation intelligence platforms” and promote perks like “sales coaching.” The reason for this is because the task of dictating phone conversations does not exist in a void by itself. A transcription is not only a compilation of notes that have been neatly prepared and written down by a scribe.

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