Samsung Point And Shoot Camera With Wifi

By | August 28, 2022

In terms of cameras, Samsung’s 2014 CES offering looks like an interesting set of indicate-and-shoot cameras. They take simply announced 5 new cameras that span the fields of point-and-shoots, from user-friendly entry-level shooters to a premium long zoom span camera that looks like a pro DSLR. Existence from Samsung, of grade, each of these cameras offers built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

WB2200F Digital Camera

For starters the Samsung WB2200F Digital Camera is a powerful digital camera with a dual-grip form gene like a professional person DSLR and an incredible 60x optical zoom lens for a wide focal-length range that extends from twenty-1200mm in 35mm format equivalence. At the wide-angle end, the f/2.8 maximum aperture is especially effective in depression-lite situations and capable of shallow depth-of-field focus control. Extending to 1200mm, the lens is able to magnify subjects in the far distance and, with optical image stabilization, compensate for the blur that tin be created by fifty-fifty miniscule camera shake at such long focal lengths.

The WB2200F provides options for the speed at which the zoom operates. Depending on your bailiwick matter and way of shooting, yous can set the lens to zoom through the entire set of focal lengths at double speed or even become directly from 0 to 60x zoom. With such a powerful lens, this innovative zoom action will enable yous to get the shot you want before it’s gone forever.

Housing a sixteen.3MP 1/2.3”BSI CMOS sensor, the WB2200F creates high-resolution images with precipitous details in both stills and video. Low-light imaging is effective with an ISO range that reaches 6400 as well every bit with the aforementioned optical prototype stabilization. Total Hard disk drive 1080/30p video capture is supported and on the bright 3.0” hVGA LCD monitor, playback and composition of your images is clear even in bright sunlight. The photographic camera also features an electronic viewfinder for stable, eye-level composition, and HDMI output for direct screening of your movies on an HDTV.

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Total manual exposure control as well every bit SMART fashion, scene modes, and other assistive features mean that no matter your level of expertise, the WB2200F provides the type of image control that works best for you. i-Office is a 1-touch button that takes you lot immediately to manual camera settings, and with its dual-grip body design, the camera handles well and enables the employ of a long-life lithium-ion rechargeable battery. A pop-up flash is built in for adding extra low-cal when the ambience light is dim.

Wi-Fi connectivity is a core feature in Samsung cameras and the WB2200F supports Near Field Advice (NFC) connections also every bit the new Tag & Get feature, which enables your camera and smartphone to link by but touching them together. With a wireless connection established, you can instantly share images from your camera to your smart device, aided by features such every bit Photo Beam and AutoShare, which automatically backs up all the camera’due south images to your smart device. Remote Viewfinder lets you use your smartphone equally the camera’s remote command for convenient and stable off-photographic camera shutter release.

WB1100F Digital Camera

As well a powerful long zoom camera, the WB1100F scales down its size and weight compared to the WB2200F and provides a 35x optical zoom lens with the 35mm focal length equivalence of 25-875mm. Notable in its own correct, this zoom lens can also utilize a Speed Control Cardinal to move through the focal lengths rapidly in lodge to get the magnification yous need to capture the image yous desire, even in Alive Panorama mode. Optical image stabilization and digital epitome stabilization (Dual IS) combine to control blur at long focal lengths and in low-light situations.

With a 16.2MP CCD image sensor and ISO sensitivity range to 3200, photos are created with abrupt details and minimal racket. Hd Video capture is supported at 720/30p and at VGA resolution, tiresome-movement capture is possible. A dedicated one-touch button immediately initiates video capture. Image composition and playback is provided by a bright three.0” hVGA LCD screen and with a large, sturdy grip and ergonomically placed buttons and dials—this is a user-friendly, like shooting fish in a barrel-to-control long zoom photographic camera. Besides, a born pop-upwardly wink adds light when needed.

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Like the WB2200F, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity with NFC and Tag & Go technology enable instant epitome transfer to compatible smartphones and tablets equally well as remote camera control, and both cameras are compatible with SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards. The WB1100F is available in black or cherry.

WB350F Digital Camera

Compact, stylish,
are good terms to draw the WB350F Digital Photographic camera. Bachelor in brownish, white, blue, or cherry-red, the WB350F is the ideal camera to comport with you everywhere and to and so share the results of your photographic efforts with the social-media macrocosm.

A 16.3MP 1/2.3″ BSI CMOS image sensor enables sharp imaging and is specially adept at low-low-cal capture, eliminating the need use the popular-upward flash except in the darkest circumstances. A 21x optical zoom lens with a maximum aperture of f/two.viii at the wide-angle end provides the 35mm focal length equivalence of 23-483mm for comprehensive wide-angle to telephoto coverage. Optical image stabilization compensates for camera shake to reduce blur when shooting in depression light or any fourth dimension long shutter speeds are selected, and ISO sensitivity reaches 3200, with minimal racket.

The WB350F supports full HD 1080/30p video capture likewise as tiresome-motion video at lower resolutions. A 3.0” LCD screen enables clear image composition and playback and, with touch control, facilitates intuitive navigation through the camera’due south settings. The camera allows easy access to dials and buttons and several Smart Auto modes that will automatically apply the all-time settings while y’all focus on the scene at hand. Integrated Wi-Fi is featured with the same elementary connections and applications as the above cameras, and the WB350F offers Dual Capture fashion and Baby Monitor mode. microSD, microSDHC, and microSDXC memory cards are utilized for image storage and transfer.

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WB50F and WB35F Digital Cameras

The WB50F Digital Photographic camera and WB35F Digital Camera are both extremely compact cameras designed every bit entry-level betoken-and-shoots, just both merits features that can exist plant in more advanced cameras, including optical image stabilization and born Wi-Fi connectivity with NFC and Tag & Get.

Both cameras feature a 16.2MP 1/2.3″ CCD sensor for high-resolution, colour-authentic images with constructive low-light capabilities and ISO ranges from 80-3200. HD 720/30p video is supported and a iii.0” LCD monitor enables live view monitoring and image playback. The lens on both is a 12x optical zoom lens with the 35mm focal length equivalence of 24-288mm. They accept simple SMART Motorcar and SMART fashion functions, fine art filters, and both are compatible with microSD, microSDHC, and microSDXC memory cards.

The WB35F has a more traditional compact class factor with sleek lines, built-in flash, simple controls, and it is slightly slimmer and lighter than the WB50F. It is available in black, purple, or reddish. The WB50F offers a billowy soft flash unit that enables softer, more than natural-looking illumination as well as bright and well-baked low-cal. The wink sits above the lens and works well even at the long end of the lens’due south focal range. Also, the WB50F has a textured exterior, which provides an easy grip for all-sized hands and gives the camera a distinctive look. It is available in black, red, or white.